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RACE: White Tiger

AGE (in human years): 22

FIRST APPEARANCE: The Draconia Chronicles




Unique to the team, Zurina is a white tiger, which marks her as a member of the royal bloodline, related by birth to Princess Kiriad. As a royal, she should theoretically be in charge of the expedition. Princess Kiriad, though, appointed Scyde as the leader of the team. Respecting the wishes of the heir apparent, Zurina has settled for second-in-command.


Zurina (pronounced zer-REE-nah) provides internal conflict with Scyde. While the two appear to get along at first, Zurina eventually confronts her about her decision-making, and a new tension is born between the royal tiger and the princess' keeper.

Due to a error in the scripting, Zurina became a carrier of a running gag where she would usually be shown with her mouth full of food. This came about when Donnie accidentally failed to give her any lines in her first appearance, despite the other characters being involved in a big conversation. To cover for this, Danny depicted her as listening and reacting to the conversation while stuffing her face.

Later, when Donnie asked him about this, Danny told him the reason for it, and Donnie liked it so much that future appearances were scripted to include her eating.

Zurina's hairstyle changes midway through the story, specifically at the hot spring scene. Danny was never really happy with her original hairstyle and used the bath scene as an opportunity to change it. This is why she went from a slightly shaggy mop-top to a neat ponytail.

Lord Rozen's comments:

Her name comes from the Latin 'Zorina', meaning "dawn"