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RACE: Tiger

AGE (in human years): 19

FIRST APPEARANCE: The Draconia Chronicles




A student of the Tigers' lore, Xiu accompanies the team so as to get a chance to study the legendary Zhirite Claw. Another relatively young and very inexperienced team member, she is part of a guild of historians, and she has been sent on this mission to get field experience.

While on the mission, Xiu has become a close friend and ally to Kanti, a minstrel who records Tiger history in song and a fellow student of Tiger lore.


Xiu (pronounced ZHOO) is easily Donnie's second-favorite character in the series, right behind the mysterious fox Shaleigh. While he's a big overall fan of hers, he frequently cites her hairstyle as a major source of hotness. According to Danny, Xiu's hairstyle was inspired by the one worn by Violet Parr in the righteously awesome film, The Incredibles.

Xiu's hair only covers her left eye when the left side of her face is facing us. In right-side and front views, we see both her eyes.

The idea of having Xiu and Kanti grow close arose from the observation that both of them were students of closely-related fields. The idea wasn't hatched to build some sort of romance between the two until the hot-spring scene. Up until then, though, there had been purely unintentional signs throughout the series, such as the two walking close together and looking out for one another. The idea automatically retconned itself.

Lord Rozen's Comments:

Even though insignificant in the comic, she is the one came the closest to death without dying. Also, she is, in fact, the most modest of all the tigers; except for Mabel and her robe, Xiu wears the most clothing in the series.

Though Gaia is my overall favorite and will never decrease rank, Xiu is the reason I found the Draconia Chronicles in the first place, therefore, ever since Gaia passed on, Xiu is officially my favorite (alive) canon character, and Gaia remains my overall favorite.

Her name is from the Chinese name meaning "grace".