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RACE: Tiger

AGE: (in human years): 16

FIRST APPEARANCE: The Draconia Chronicles




A young tiger with a gift for stealth, Tam'syn is Ashaki's younger sister. She idolizes her sister and wants to go with her everywhere. The only person higher up on her list, though, is Scyde. When she got word her beloved sister and her hero were setting off on an expedition together, Tam'syn couldn't stay away.


Tam'syn (pronounced TAM-zin) is a very fun character to work with. We don't want her to be the comic relief, but her naturally bouncy demeanor lends itself to some of the lighter moments in the series.

Often referred to simply as "Tam" behind the scenes, we see her as a major player in future stories. And since Danny loves drawing girls with cornrows, Tam'syn's high on his list of favorite characters.

While Tam'syn was imagined by Donnie, Danny's visual inspiration for her came from a former coworker of his, who, much like Tam'syn, was also chipper and never without a smile--at least while Danny knew her--and, unlike other incessantly cheerful people, she wasn't annoying about it. Her sunny disposition was always contagious. Physically, the former coworker was rather tiny, but in a very cute way, and often sported all sorts of different braid patterns in her hair. Although Tam'syn's a little taller and a little beefier, she's a cartoon-tiger version of her, and Danny's little way of tipping his hat to her.

Lord Rozen's comments:

So far, the only one to have contact with Kilani in a long while, and that was through a dream.

Her name comes from the Cornish 'Tamsin', which means "twin".