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Gaia is like Aeris Gainsborough of FFVII by the following:

  • being killed by a sword from behind.
  • both of them died before their time
  • both have gained cult status because of their deaths
  • Everyone is pissed about their deaths
  • both caused even hardass guys to quake a little
  • both had unusually graphic modes of death.
  • both died silently, knelt down on their knees
  • both characters lost something dear (Aeris: her Holy Materia, Gaia: her egg)
  • As a Cetra, Aerith is able to speak to the spirit of the Planet, and many of her Limit Breaks manifest as her drawing power from the earth. Whereas Gaia, being an earth dragon, manifests all of her power from the earth as well.
  • A meteor/volcanic calamity happened soon after their deaths.
  • Both have, so far, no way to bring them back. (Aeris is somehow immune to pheonix downs, and Gaia could be divinely revived, but that would "go against story". heaven forbid, we don't want to mess up a loose plotline.)