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RACE: Tiger

AGE (in human years): 24

FIRST APPEARANCE: Draconia 2003 Calendar





The older of two sisters, Shie was forced to look after her younger sibling Riah when the two were orphaned at an early age. When a group of Dragons attacked the encampment where they lived, their mother was forced to flee with her two cubs. Their mother met an untimely demise, and Shie and her sister went into hiding to avoid losing their own lives. Unaware that the two had evaded the Dragons, the rest of the encampment fled into the night, leaving the two behind.

Shie and her Riah grew up on their own, with Shie assuming the more responsible role of looking out for herself and her younger sister. Out of necessity,they became thieves, relying on the raiding of any small Dragon parties they came across, honing their skills in stealth and hit-and-fade tactics to survive. They continued in this vein for many years until eventually a young Tiger named Kess discovered them. Realizing that Kess shared the same views on the world and the war, a friendship was soon forged and the three became an inseparable team. The trio continue their exploits to this day…


Shie (pronounced like "shy") may be the biggest of the Tiger Trio along with Kess and Riah, but she's not quite the baddest. While physically strongest, she's usually the last one to get physical, preferring to use strategy rather than strength. When she doesget physical, though...

With her impressive physique, Shie was the first of the "Big Cats" of Draconia, along with Scyde and Ashaki. (While Scyde was created first, she didn't gain muscles until after Shie appeared. Additionally, Scyde and Shie don't get along very well.)

Shie was born on the back of a company memo. Danny was bored at work one day way back in 2002 and decided to doodle some experimental ideas, among which was a tiger in a 'do-rag, which would eventually become Kess. The other character on the page was drawn to see what a tiger would look like with big muscles. The result would go on to become Shie.

Soon after Shie's first appearances, her outfit would suddenly change. Between the release of the 2003 and 2004 calendars, a friend of ours, Steph Estes, asked if she could do a costume for Shie and showed us an outfit from a catalogue that she thought would work. Intrigued by the idea, Shie's outfit mysteriously changed from one year to the next so as to match the costume. Unfortunately, the costume never materialized, but Shie's outfit remains.

Shie's hair is patterned after the one worn by Ryoko in the Tenchi Muyo! metaseries.

Lord Rozen's Comments:

She has shown she, and her sister, Riah, would like peace. So, they side with Ennek on certain things. Her name is from the Hebrew name 'Shia', meaning "God is Salvation"