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RACE: Tiger

AGE (in human years): 28

FIRST APPEARANCE: Draconia 2002 Calendar




Scyde is a legendary warrior and brilliant leader. Having once served as Princess Kiriad's babysitter, her loyalty to the princess is unmatched, and Scyde often serves as Kiriad's chief advisor.

Many feel that Scyde is the one actually in charge of the Tiger nation, with Kiriad as a mere figurehead. This has led to mixed opinions on Scyde's status, with just as many resenting her influence as those who feel that she's a national hero.


A perfect counterbalance to the Lightning Dragon Elektra, Scyde embodies a lot of different qualities. She's a monster on the battlefield, a quick thinker, fearless enough to take on any dragon, yet smart enough to know when to stay away. She a badass in battle.

Scyde is a character who was never originally intended to play a leading role in the story. Instead, her first appearance was a background character in the Draconia 2002 Calendar, where she was seen restraining Sombrana. For the most part, she'd just be seen in the background although never far from Princess Kiriad's side.

In fact, her first appearance is where her name originated. At first, she was referred to as "The Tiger At Sombrana's Right Side (Viewer's Left)." This would later be shortened to "The Side Tiger." Eventually, she'd gain an official name as "Scyde," which is really just "side" re-spelled.

Scyde's other quirk is her physique. In her first couple appearances, she was seen as robust, but still relatively slim. As time went on, though, she would eventually be drawn with slightly more muscle mass each time. She was fairly large by the time the calendar series reached its end.

When we launched the web comic, though, Danny made it a point to slim her down considerably, with just a bit of muscle tone, but no big bulk. Once again, though, as time went on, she just got bigger and bigger. Today, her near-bodybuilder physique is just another aspect of her character. As our friend Nate Dogg has said, "Scyde's a monster. A big, sexy monster."

Scyde is part of a subgroup of our tigers called "The Big Cats," along with Shie and Ashaki.

Scyde's hairstyle was partially inspired by the one worn by American TV personality Aisha Taylor back in 2001. Scyde stands at about 6' 1" (185 cm) tall, and weighs about 255 pounds (116 kg).

Scyde's theme is "Beast" by KMFDM.

Lord Rozen's Comments:

On of the more often seen tigers, Scyde has one monster of an ego. Which sometimes gets the better of her.

On a personal note, I wish they had let her get shocked to death by Elektra on 078, that would've been karma for the fans. Sadly, not the case, she goes on living while her victim on 076 did not.

Her name is from the Greek 'Scylla', which means "tear and rend". Appropriate.