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Height to Shoulder: 3' 3" (99 cm)

Total Length: 9' 3" (281.9 cm)

Body Length: 5' 1" (154.9 cm)

Weight: 587 lbs (266.8 kg)

Eye Colour: Brown

Fur Colour: Dark Orange

Tiger Age: 26 Years

Human Age Equivalent: 26 Years


First Calendar Appearance: 2010


Roh has a fairly easy life. Like all other males of the Tiger race, he gets to spend his days in the lush gardens of the Nat’Han’Il Tiger Sanctuary – eating, lounging, playing, and procreating.

Because of the difference in development from the female Tigers, Roh, like all males, isn’t generally suited for battle, though he can handle himself quite well in a fight. Instead, he is considered a valuable resource that needs to be protected – which is why he resides in the secrecy and safety of the Sanctuary with his brethren, where they all get to live lives of luxury. But Roh, like his fellow males, isn’t just a mindless drone that exists for a single purpose. Though he serves mainly to provide the elements necessary for offspring, he is also quite intelligent. He may not speak the same language the females use, but he can still understand them, and is still able to communicate in his own tongue – one the females can understand in turn. Roh does differ from the other fellas in the sanctuary in one regard – though neither gender is bound to a single member of their opposite, Roh is one of the exceptions. His time spent with Aika has resulted in their affections for each other to grow – so much so that they now only spend time exclusively with each other in the sanctuary. Unfortunately, recent events involving the eruption of Mt. Aet’na have caused a major tragedy to befall the Sanctuary. This major disaster has caused large amounts of smoke and ash to make their way north to the Sanctuary, where they poison the environment as well as the denizens who dwell there. Many of the males are either sick or dying because from the devastation caused by this calamity. Whether or not Roh has been affected remains to be seen…


Roh is the first live male Tiger character ever depicted in The Draconia Chronicles.


After focusing so much on the fact that females were the dominant and seemingly only gender in the Draconia universe, eventually hints were dropped here and there about the males of both Dragon and Tiger species. While a male Dragon had already made an appearance during the first chapter, the Tiger counterparts were merely relegated to a small cameo – albeit a stuffed one – in the very beginning of the second chapter. After some discussion, it was decided that it was finally time to move beyond just hints and references to the Tiger males. Merely five pages after their “stuffed” debut, Roh made his grand entrance in quite a hot and saucy fashion in the second story arc. Roh is one of the few characters in the Draconia Chronicles universe who has his own behind-the-scenes unofficial theme song. Just like with his mate of choice, Aika, his theme song is "Africa" by Toto.


Lord Rozen's Comments:

Odd that it hasn't been said yet, but he is Scyde's brother. Their parents must have been large as well, seeing how these two turned out.

His name comes from the Middle Low German, and means ‘raw’ or ‘rough’.