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RACE: Tiger

AGE (in human years): 22

FIRST APPEARANCE: Draconia 2003 Calendar





Riah is the younger sister of Shie. Whereas Shie is the more sensible and responsible one of the two, Riah is still a kid at heart. More brash and quick-tempered than her elder sibling, Riah is also known as somewhat of a prankster. Riah is always quick to play a joke on her sister, but when necessary she can be a formidable opponent. Even though her sister looks after her, Riah would just as quickly do anything to protect Shie.

Riah’s hot temper stems from her feelings surrounding her and Shie’s mother’s death. Unable to come to terms with it like her older sister, Riah still harbours a lot of pain… to the point of having frequent nightmares. Her light-hearted, reckless nature helps her deal with the nightmares and keep them away.


Riah (pronounced RYE-ah) was the first tiger created with the word "bouncy" in mind. Like a playful housecat, Riah is rather happy-go-lucky, but when she's crossed, the claws come out and she's got a taste for blood.

Riah was created to round out the Tiger Trio of her sister Shie and her friend Kess. Originally, her hair was tied into a pigtail on the side of her head, patterned after Misty (Kasumi) in the Pokémonseries. This became difficult to work with before too long, and so we relocated it to the back of her head.

Riah's ability to deal with hardship has been a boon to her for years. That ability will be tested in future stories...

Lord Rozen's Comments:

After having one of her eyes injured by Chiara, while in the dragon prisons, she is forced to wear an eyepatch. Since then, she doesn't speak often, preferring to be silent and stoic. Her name is from the Old Greek and means "to flow"