RACE: Fire Dragon

AGE (in human years): ?

FIRST APPEARANCE: Draconia 2000 Calendar





(none given)


The name "Red" arose from the 2000 calendar's "colors" theme. We tried to hit every color of the rainbow, and I figured Red would look best in red. Duh. I did try to find a word for "red" in other languages, but just found the English word "Red" to have the best ring to it. Other candidates included "Akai" (Japanese), "Rouge" (French), and "Roja" (Spanish).

Red's favored status with me is no secret, though she's by no means untouchable. If the story calls for it, we'll put her in harm's way, just like anyone else.

This drawing also marks the first of various braid patterns for Red. I've retroactively nicknamed this style "Bank of America," due to its similarity to the company's logo. After showcasing her with a variety of patterns over the years, this one was brought back for the tenth anniversary calendar for 2009.

Lord Rozen's Comments:

Temporary harm bounces from the armor without ever leaving lasting damage. Her words hold weight when she holds no accolade for proof. Could probably even order Oscura's execution if she chose, defying hierarchy.

She leads the fire corps as their commander, a general if you will, and member of Oscura's council, replacing the deposed Sombrana.

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