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Height: 6' 0" (183 cm)

Weight: 217 lbs (98.6 kg)

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Brown

Fur Colour: Dark Orange

Tiger Age: 19 Years

Human Age Equivalent: 19 Years

First Appearance: The Draconia Chronicles

First Comic Appearance: 145

First Calendar Appearance:2010



Young and headstrong, Raz is one of the only two tigers who survived the complete obliteration of her tribe when a stray fireball from the erupting Mt. Aet'na collided with her caravanning clan. The other survivor is the tribe’s leader – Mabel. As second-in-command, Raz does her best to live up to her mentor’s standards in leadership, but sometimes falls short due to her lack of experience and youthful desire to jump right into things before fully assessing the situation. Raz can also be quick to temper, especially whenever anyone challenges Mabel or her leadership. On the up side, Raz’s loyalty is unwavering to those she has devoted herself to. But despite her flaws, Raz has the potential to become as good a leader as the woman she follows unquestioningly.

Recently, Raz’s resolve has been dealt a heavy blow after witnessing the annihilation of her tribe. Now without a home and with only the strength of Mabel to keep her going, the two of them have made their way up north to the village where Princess Kiriad resides. Aware of Mabel’s grievances with the so-called “Princess,” Raz continues to back her leader’s play… all while they both try to find their place in a hamlet that sees them as outcasts.


Originally, Raz and Mabel’s names were swapped. But, as the characters started to take shape, character creator Donnie Sturges realized that the style of each name suited the opposite character better, based on age and stature.


Raz, Mabel, and their tribe were originally conceived as just some throwaway characters that would allow Danny and Donnie to give Draconiacs what they craved – more tiger scenes in what was a very dragon-centric story arc. But, as is common in the hallowed halls of 2wcOnline, even characters intended to hover somewhere down on the fifth-tier quite often grow beyond their initial conception. The result – two new characters who are just as fascinating and complex as the rest of the main Draconia cast. Expect more from them as our journey through the Draconiaverse continues…
Shortly before Raz's design was laid down, aritst Danny Valentini had recently discovered a Dutch/Japanese anthropomorphic cartoon series called Alfred J. Kwak. One of the characters introduced later in the series is a duck-girl named Winnie. Danny was so smitten with her design that he wanted to incorporate some of her elements--particularly her hairstyle--into the next character he felt would be suited for it. That character would happen to be Raz.

Lord Rozen's Comments:

Similar to my own moniker "Rozen", her name is possibly from the old germanic 'Roz', meaning "pure rose".

She is so far delegated to being Mabel's bodyguard, being the only other survivor of her tribe. As of late, she has become enemies with Aika, after overhearing that "no one important" was lost in the mountains, when Raz' entire tribe perished. She carries a small doll with her at all times in remembrance.