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RACE: Light Dragon (born as such; eventually acquired mastery of all major elements)

AGE (in human years): 33

FIRST APPEARANCE: Draconia 2002 Calendar




Ruler of the Dragon throne for the past few years, Queen Oscura did not come by it easily. Though she was borne of noble lineage, she was tested along with several kin from her own bloodline to see who would be truly worthy of ascending to the throne. Her intelligence, keen insight, and battle prowess are what keep her in power. She also has the ability to command several elements of the Magickal, something few others have ever been able to do.

Queen Oscura was birthed from a union between her Noble mother and one of the Dragon Ancients – male Dragonbreed who do not possess the humanoid forms that all female dragons have, but instead appear in the more familiar Dragon form. As intelligent as their female counterparts, the Dragon Ancients left their land long ago with the exception of Queen Oscura’s Sire, who only left recently. His final gift to Oscura was one last seed, donated to produce the queen’s heir to the throne and her pride and joy – Princess Lumina. With the last of the Dragon Ancients gone, Oscura has been forced to create a new method for producing offspring, combining elements of her Sire’s gift and magic. This has allowed her to keep her kingdom and her race flourishing. And because the princess was born with the specific purpose to inherit the throne, it appears that the old tradition of Chi’ghrath – the ceremony of competition between royal blood kin for the throne – has been laid to rest… for now.


Queen Oscura (pronounced ah-SKYUR-uh) has one of the more interesting character lineages of the entire cast, as she was created two years before her first appearance in anything canonical.

Queen Oscura was created in 1999 as a commissioned drawing for Scot Blair, a fan who'd requested a customized dragon character with black skin who would be posing with a broadsword, a chalice, and a couple pentagrams. The character became rather popular among the fans, even though she'd never appeared in anything official and didn't formally get a name until later on.

In 2001, when it came time to add a storyline to the calendar series, Oscura was brought in to serve as the Queen of the Dragons. Initially, the pentagram motif was replaced by skulls.

That's right--for fear of a satanic backlash over the pentagrams, we went with skulls. Tit for tat, I guess.

Anyhow, Queen Oscura continues to be a fan favorite. Unfortunately, her overall role in the web comic series has been somewhat small, but we've got big plans for her in the near future.

The name "Oscura" is Spanish for "dark," a reference to her skin color. Officially, Queen Oscura has black skin, but to keep her from showing up as a total silhouette, she usually appears as a deep shade of gray.

Queen Oscura bears two particular tattoos that denote her royalty. On her left upper arm, the crest of the royal bloodline is displayed--a tattoo that is also shared by her daughter, Princess Lumina, in the same location. The celtic knot on her right thigh is actually the queen's crown. Much like how the Queen of England only busts out the crown jewels for special occasions, Queen Oscura's tattoo is also revealed accordingly.

Plus, that tattoo is a pain in the ass to draw!

Behind the scenes, some characters in The Draconia Chronicles have accompanying theme songs. Queen Oscura's theme song is "Gold Dust Woman" by Fleetwood Mac.

Lord Rozen's Comments:

An impenetrable fortress of stoicism, showing only negative emotion. As of late though, she has shown a few small notches in her armor when she shows her lighter side which is seldom.

She seems to love her daughter, but only as far as she can be used as a weapon against her hated foes. She's not a good mother. She's not only retreated to her own room when the princess went missing in the volcano, but also actively brainwashes the girl on an almost daily basis when she shows signs of remembering her imprinted mother, Kilani.