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Height: 3’ 5” (104 cm)

Weight: 58 lbs (26.3 kg)

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Yellow

Skin Colour: White

Magick Base Type: Light

Dragon Age: 6 Years

Human Age Equivalent: 6 Years

First Comic Appearance: 003

First Calendar Appearance: 2003



Princess Lumina was born out of necessity. Her mother, Queen Oscura, was faced with not only the need to have an heir to the throne, but also driven by her desire to ensure that her people would be ultimately victorious in the centuries-old war against their adversaries to the north – the tigers.

From that ambition, Queen Oscura conceived her daughter with the help of her former lover Ghislain – a male dragon who serves as one of the Ancients. Through a meticulous selection process and careful engineering, Oscura chose the egg she felt would be best suited to receive the fertilizing elixir her mate had provided – resulting in an offspring with the potential to be far more powerful than anyone could possibly imagine.

Almost immediately after her inception, Lumina’s egg was stolen by a trio of tiger bandits. Fortunately for the yet-to-be born princess, she eventually found her way into the unconditional loving arms of Kilani – a noble and cunning warrior who was already starting to become disillusioned with the war and with hate in general. Hatching and raising Lumina on her own in seclusion, Kilani cared for her as if the young dragon was her own daughter.

A few years after Lumina’s disappearance, the Queen found her missing heir. Reclaiming the child she had designed to be “the ultimate weapon to end the war once and for all,” Oscura reconditioned Lumina, leaving no traces of the foster mother she had grown to love.

Now at the age of six, Lumina undergoes a combination of scholastic learning, physical training, and intense study of the Magickal Arts. Like every potential ascendant to the throne, Lumina must eventually learn all elements of Magick in order to become a true successor to the Queen’s title.

Lumina herself is a very bright and precocious child. Wide-eyed and full of wonder, Lumina will often be bold enough to take initiative when it comes to something as simple as greeting strangers, or as difficult as rescuing trapped nannies. Unbeknownst to her, her true power continues to grow gradually on a daily basis, often manifesting itself in ways even she is unaware of. And somewhere in the back of her mind there still exists a spark of the furry foster-mother who loved her unconditionally…


Lumina was first named “Chuki” by her adoptive mother Kilani. It means “a gift from my enemy” in the tigers’ native language.

As Danny's first attempt at drawing a child version of his signature dragon-girls, Princess Lumina was an experiment from the get-go, and has become one of his favorite characters to draw. Immediately upon her introduction, she became one of the series' most popular characters, and her appearances in the webcomic have also garnered tremendous reactions from our legions of Draconiacs.

Lord Rozen's Comments:

Recently, Lumina has shown a degree of maturity that, in my opinion, more characters should.

Random note: Lumina's picture that's seen above is the only one in the entire wiki I didn't change. Couldn't bring myself to do it. It's just too darned cute.

A theme that kinda fits her is "Two Worlds" from Tarzan.

Her unofficial theme song is: "No Mercy" by Khaleel.