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RACE: White Tiger

AGE (in human years): 19

FIRST APPEARANCE: Draconia 2002 Calendar




Princess Kiriad’s life has been a difficult journey. At a young age she was forced to assume control of the Tigerbreed, her mother assassinated years ago. At the time, the clans of Tigerbreed were factioned and fighting amongst themselves in fear that no one would be able to lead them. With no one else willing to step up to the mantle of leadership, Kiriad knew she had no choice.

Still, there are many that still believe that Kiriad is not fit to lead. Some small factions even refuse to acknowledge her position. Even Kiriad herself refuses to take the title of Queen, believing she has not yet earned it. Despite this, she continues to do her best, learning and growing stronger as a leader as time moves forward. As she continues to become the leader her mother was, one thing still remains just out of her grasp…

…the identity of her mother’s assassin.


Princess Kiriad is a character we admit that we haven't used enough, but when she does appear, she makes an impact. Right now, a lot of unanswered questions abound regarding what exactly her relationship is to the mysterious fox Shaleigh. Answers to that and more are forthcoming.

Kiriad (acceptably pronounced KEE-ree-add or KEE-ree-odd) first appeared in the 2002 calendar in Queen Oscura's custody, wearing a teeny tiiny silk bikini, held together by the tiniest of straps and metal rings. Her first appearance also showed her with braided hair, a style abandoned and now used only in flashbacks to those events.

At first, the bikini was her unofficial outfit, but in later appearances, Danny decided that more elegant attire would be in order for the ruler of the Tiger nation. Hence, Kiriad was later seen decked out in fine orange wraps. Orange was selected so that Kiriad's subjects would more readily identify with her.

Kiriad's name was originally intended to be "Kirian," but Danny saw this name as sounding too clichéd and he'd sworn he'd heard it on some other character in some other series somewhere before. Thus, on a lark, the N was changed to a D and he liked the sound of it.

Lord Rozen's Comments:

She lets Scyde push her around too much, in my opinion. Other than that, a strong leader.

The name Kiriad perhaps came from Kirian which came from Kiran, which means "ray of light" in Hindi. We'll see if she lives up to it.