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Height: 5' 9" (175 cm)

Weight: 280 lbs (127.3 kg)

Hair Colour: Grey (originally black)

Eye Colour: Brown

Fur Colour: Dark Orange

Tiger Age: 61 Years

Human Age Equivalent: 61 Years

First Comic Appearance: 145

First Calendar Appearance: 2010



Don’t let Mabel’s age fool you – though she looks feeble and old, her years of experience and training keep her sharp and ready for any opponent. A former warrior and close advisor under the late Queen Shiraz, Princess Kiriad’s mother and predecessor, Mabel was against Kiriad assuming the throne from the beginning. Unable to resolve her grievances over the new leader, Mabel left – taking quite a few like-minded Tigers with her. Establishing their own tribe on the southern border of the Tiger Territories, Mabel and her followers spent the next few years in isolation… and keeping the border safe from invasion.

All of that would quickly come to an end when Mt. Aet’na erupted, spewing fireballs and ash everywhere. Realizing that her people were in grave danger by being close enough to ground zero, Mabel and her people fled north in an effort to survive.

Unfortunately, one of the fireballs from the volcano managed to reach their caravan, wiping out everyone but Mabel and her second-in-command Raz. Without home and family, both were left to wander northward… until they stumbled upon Aika and her team making their way south to investigate the impact of the volcanic eruption. With a strict warning, Mabel was able to persuade Aika to take them back up north… which unfortunately means that Mabel will once again have to deal with a power shift that she does not agree with.

Mabel is wise beyond her years – she has pretty much seen and done it all in her multiple decades as a warrior. This can make her quite stubborn and quick to refute any opinion that differs from her own. She can be persuaded into acquiescence, though it usually takes someone just as hardheaded as she is to make it stick. A quick study, Mabel is usually quite good at summing up a person or situation quickly, though sometimes the impetuousness and spontaneity of youth can surprise her.


Mabel is the oldest tiger of the main cast to ever be depicted in the Draconia Universe.


Mabel – like Raz – was conceived merely to offer readers a more balanced narrative between the Dragons and Tigers in a very Dragon-centric story arc. After a time, however, it was realized that both Mabel and her counterpart were becoming every bit as integral as the other members of the main cast. This has resulted in an expanded role for both her and Raz.

Mabel's physical appearance was inspired by and borrows elements from musician George Clinton and professional wrestler Kia Stevens, better known as Awesome Kong.

Mabel is one of the select few characters with her own behind-the-scenes theme song. Her theme is "Natural Blues" by Moby.

Lord Rozen's Comments:

She has an odd air of attractiveness to her. Even though she is older, certain qualities don't age. As proven by a few compromising commissions.

This is proven in her name, which is Old French meaning "lovely" or "to love".