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RACE: Tiger

AGE (in human years): 26

FIRST APPEARANCE: Draconia 2002 Calendar




A proud and noble warrior in her own right, Kilani has faced adversity, even death, and has come through only stronger for it. Her views differ from most of her kind – she believes that peace can be achieved between Tigerbreed and Dragonbreed. She has even seen evidence of this truth, when she had the opportunity to raise the young Dragon who would eventually be known as Princess Lumina. After having Lumina stolen back by her own kind, Kilani has added one more goal to her crusade: to be reunited with the Dragonling she has grown to love as a daughter.

Kilani has faith in Princess Kiriad, whom she recognizes as the leader of the Tigerbreed, even if she feels her leader may be a tad misguided. It was her belief in Kiriad that inspired Kilani to take up the fight in the war against the Dragons. But it has been the war itself that has been her teacher. Seeing more death than she could ever want – Dragonkind as well as her own people – Kilani is now firmly convinced more than ever that the war must end in peace or both sides will forever suffer, maybe even cease to exist.


Kilani's first appearance came at the end of the Draconia 2002 Calendar, where she stood holding a light sword, gazing contemplatively off into the distance while a male dragon roared in the distant landscape.

While it wasn't intended to be anything more than just a character lost in thought, that image turned out to be one of the more popular from that calendar, and thus, we felt we should give them more Kilani. Kilani was therefore chosen to be the central figure in the 2003 edition, and a good portion of the story has revolved around her and her quest to reunite herself with her adopted daughter.

After wresting Princess Lumina from her, Sombrana beat her to within inches of her life, putting Kilani in a coma for much of the 2004 calendar's story. In her quest to reunite herself with her dragon daughter, she's made a good number of enemies, including her own sister Kess.

Kilani will figure prominently into future storylines. She's got a lot of unfinished business, and she's determined to establish peace between the races, if for no one else's sake than her daughter's.

Kilani's theme is "Peacekeeper" by Fleetwood Mac

Lord Rozen's Comments:

A prominent backstory character, and wouldn't mind seeing more of her.

Her name is from the Hawiian 'Kalani', meaning "the heaven" or "the sky".