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RACE: Tiger

AGE (in human years): 23

FIRST APPEARANCE: Draconia 2003 Calendar





Younger sister to Kilani, Kess’s life and personality took a slightly different path than her sibling. Despite the deepest love they have for one another, the two have been known to butt heads on many an occasion. While Kilani supported Princess Kiriad’s leadership of their kind, Kess felt disdain for the Princess instead. Believing Kiriad’s bloodline did not automatically make her Queen, Kess was often found banding together her own forces and going out on raiding parties for fun. Since then, Kess has accepted Kiriad’s leadership somewhat, but still tends to act out on her own, preferring a lifestyle of thievery to one of complete servitude.

More recently, Kess’s differences with her sister are based more on their differences of opinion regarding the war. Though Kess was forced to grow up a little when she believed her sister on the verge of death, she still believes Kilani’s dreams of peace to be nothing more than delusions of grandeur that will one day get her killed. And after almost losing her sister once, Kess still believes in settling the score...


Kess is a natural counterpart to her own sister. The peace-loving, pacifistic Kilani is sharply contrasted against her "kill them all and let the gods sort them out" attitude. Seeking to prove her sister's opinions wrong, Kess winds up as Queen Oscura's prisoner.

Kess is one-third of what we refer to behind the scenes as "The Tiger Trio," comprised of Kess,Shie, and Riah, three rogue warriors who specialize in robbery, assault, and battery.

Right off the bat, the first thing people notice about Kess is her blue 'do-rag. Kess was born one day back in 2002 when Danny was bored at work and doodled on the back of a company memo. He was curious to see what a tiger would look like with a 'do-rag, and he was so satisfied with the result that the character that would come to be known as Kess was added to the Draconia 2003 Calendar. Danny loves the way her ears form those two little bumps in the fabric.

Some have asked whether the 'do-rag ever comes off. Officially, no it hasn't, nor will it. In a commission sketch or two, Kess has been shown with her head either partially or completely uncovered, but she has not been shown "ragless" in anything canonical. And to answer the other questions folks ask about her, no, there's nothing wrong with her hair or her ears. She just likes wearing it.

Kess' theme is "I Lie in the Bed I Make" by Brother Cane.

Lord Rozen's Comments:

The origin of her name comes from the Celtic 'Cass', meaning "descendant of the vigilant one".