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RACE: Lightning Dragon

AGE (in human years): 30

FIRST APPEARANCE: The Draconia Chronicles




An accomplished fighter and contemporary of Elektra, Inyx has been around long enough to become rather cynical about the world around her. She's proud of her combat experience, as shown by the "tiger stripes" that adorn her shoulder. Each stands for a Tiger that she has killed.


Inyx (pronounced IN-nix) has become a big favorite behind the scenes at 2wcOnline. Donnie imagined her up, particularly the bit about the tiger-stripe tattoos representing kills. He also wanted a dry-witted, world-weary, saracastic character that was still likable.

Inyx has proven to be perhaps the most physical of our current cast of dragons. She shows this on page 62 when she opts to fight Ashaki without using any Magick whatsoever, mano a mano. She manages to hold her own for a while, but she's soon overpowered by her bigger, stronger opponent. Once she turns on the juice, though...

Inyx has also gained a small cadre of fans due to her ability to give punishment just as well as she takes it.

Lord Rozen's Comments:

Likability is subjective. As with all characters, mileage may vary. Case in point, personally don't care for her. Others may, so saying little else.