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RACE: Earth Dragon

AGE (in human years): ?

FIRST APPEARANCE: Draconia 2000 calendar





(none given)


This drawing, however, created no end of confusion on the part of viewers. The intention here was to show her as if she were lying on her back, with her head toward you, the viewer. I got the idea from a very tasteful nude picture I found on the web.

Nobody quite got the idea, though, that Gold was on her back. Rather, most of the people I showed the 2000 calendar to thought that it was a printing error and that this particular drawing had gotten flipped upside-down somehow--that maybe I'd put it in wrong when I was designing the pages, or that the printing company flubbed it without my knowledge.

Nope, it's right-side up, I assure you. Guess that's what I get for being a little ambitious with the pose. Oh well.

Another little neat effect that occurred entirely by accident was the halo that formed around Gold's head. Back in my early Photoshop days, I was eager to use the toys at my disposal, and I decided to go nuts with the "lens flare" option. Several of the lens flares, though, converged near her head, giving her a rather heavenly look. Purely random, I assure you, but it looked neat, so I didn't mess with it anymore.

Lord Rozen's Comments:

She was originally one of Azure's bodyguards along with Red. A rather noble position for a second class of citizen. While it is unknown if she survived the fight with Shie, Riah, and Kess, I like to believe she did. The earth dragons need a competent leader.