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Height to Shoulder: 9' 2” (279.4 cm)

Total Length: 57' 3" (17.45 m)

Body Length: 39' 8" (12.09 m)

Weight: 97 tons (88.2 tonnes)

Eye Colour: Red

Skin Colour: Black

Magick Base Type: Light Dragon

Age: 423 Years

Human Age Equivalent: 106 Years

First Comic Appearance: 31
First Calendar Appearance: TBA



An Elder as well as a master of all the elemental Magicks, Ghislain is one of the seven males that make up the council that used to govern over the Dragonlands and its peoples. But, when the council realized that the centuries-old war their kind was waging against the Tiger race was wasteful and futile, they decided to end it. Unfortunately, the Queen they had appointed at the time to oversee the war – Queen Gallaetia – had other plans and opposed them. Unable to resolve their differences, the council decided to leave the Dragonlands forever.

Ghislain continued to visit on occasion without the council’s knowledge because of his secret love affair with current Queen Oscura. When Oscura needed an heir to the throne, Ghislain agreed to sire their offspring, even though the female Dragons had mastered the ability to conceive offspring without the assistance of the council.

Unfortunately, Ghislain would find himself betrayed not long after. When the egg containing their offspring was kidnapped, Oscura went missing for several months while she attempted to locate it, all the while keeping the incident a secret from Ghislain.

At the same time, an Earth Dragon named Gaia discovered Ghislain’s presence and used her knowledge of the situation to seduce and manipulate him into agreeing to sire her an offspring of her own. Heartbroken over the fact that he had been betrayed and exploited, Ghislain soon left the Dragonlands… and has not been seen since.

Noble. Wise. Powerful--Ghislain is all these things. Unlike his peers on the council, however, Ghislain sometimes allows himself to be influenced by his emotions – something the Dragon race in general tends to keep subdued in order to lead more logical and practical lives. Despite this perceived flaw, Ghislain still manages to perform his duties as an Elder efficiently while maintaining his regal air.


Ghislain is the first male Dragon ever depicted in the Draconia universe.


While scripting the flashback sequence for Gaia during the first chapter, it was decided to weave a sort of twisted love triangle into the back story explaining why Gaia was being punished. But, instead of going with the types of relationships that were commonplace in the Draconia universe – female/female – the decision was made to introduce the first male Dragon into the mix.

Donnie Sturges came up with the idea to make the male dragons look more like their standard, fantasy counterparts, while Danny Valentini crafted the final designs. The final result became a part of one of the biggest controversial storylines in the history of the comic so far.

Lord Rozen's Comments:

These proportions are way off of a standard dragon. As it stands, he's a Bowhead Whale with wings.

Contrary from his story, from a psychological point of view, Gaia didn't seduce him. All an act obtain what she needed for her future daughter. A means to an end where emotions were an act.