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Height: 5' 5" (165 cm

Weight: 162 lbs (76.3 kg)

Hair Colour: Maroon

Eye Colour: Yellow

Skin Colour: Orange-Pink

Magick Base Type: Fire

Dragon Age: 16 Years

Human Age Equivalent: 16 Years

First Comic Appearance: 119

First Calendar Appearance: 2011



As full of wonder as she is driven, Fuegana is still young enough to have not yet become jaded by years of war. Uncertain about her own abilities but still wanting to prove herself to her superiors and as a member of the Palace Guard, Fuegana will continue to push herself even long after her body is ready to give out.

Fuegana's defining moment came during a recent attempt to stave off a fireball bombardment from the nearby volcano Aet’na. Despite her initial trepidation over her own capabilities, Fuegana was eventually forced to face those fears. The demands turned out to be too much for her. As a result of all the stress and pressure Fuegana was being subjected to, the young fire dragon lost control and suddenly erupted in a burst of fire Magicks so powerful they could be compared to a small supernova. Though the large energy output knocked Fuegana out, her efforts succeeded in helping the fire dragons overcome the danger they were facing.

After being rescued from falling to her death by Red, Fuegana was placed in a temporary shelter to recover. Soon after, Fuegana awoke - her determination and self-confidence were restored, leaving her feeling refreshed enough to jump right back into the fray with her fellow Fire Dragons.

Fuegana appears to have a hidden potential that may not be easily recognizable by her peers, and is certainly not noticeable to her… at least, not at the moment. Still, it seems as though there might be more to her than anyone suspects…


Fuegana is the first Fire Dragon shown experiencing a “flame-out”, a panic response which unleashes a large amount of magickal energy in one burst. The result – sleepytime.


Fuegana was originally yet another “filler” character without a name. Once it was realized that she would be playing a more important role in the grand scheme of the Draconia Universe, her moniker was chosen and her character started to develop on a deeper level. The name “Fuegana” was initially passed over because its Spanish origins were deemed too obvious. But, after an exhausting process to come up with a better name yielded no results, "Fuegana" won by default.

The proper pronunciation for Fuegana's name is "fweh-GAH-nah."

Lord Rozen's Comments:

A last minute addition to the fire fighting group, Fuegana, at first had no skill, but after being pushed to her limit, she goes into momentary berserk mode and turns completely black and fiery. After hurling a lava rock like a baseball, she reverts and falls unconscious. This may prove useful in the future and shows a possible reason why dragons never get too emotional.

A theme I thought fit for her is "Supernova Goes Pop" by Powerman 5000.