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Height: 5' 8" (173 cm)

Weight: 174 lbs (79.1 kg)

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Brown

Skin Colour: Golden Yellow

Magick Base Type: Earth

Dragon Age: 101 Years

Human Age Equivalent: 25 Years

First Comic Appearance: 030

First Calendar Appearance: 2011



With her kind under strict population control due to being perceived as useless to the war effort by Queen Oscura, Eone is one of the few Earth Dragons in existence. Level-headed and rational with a tinge of wit, Eone has recently become the de facto leader of her fellow Earth Dragons in light of the recent volcanic attack that occurred in the Dragonlands. Her desire to see a better life for her kind is what inspires her to remain headstrong and focused.

Like the other Earth Dragons, Eone is very much in tune with the planet her magick derives from, so much so that the volcano eruption left her and her dragonmates in severe pain. As the disaster began to abate, so did the agony wrought upon the Earth Dragons start to diminish.

Nature-loving and full of life, Eone and the other earthers love to create and design – making them excellent at building and construction. For this reason, Eone believes the she and her fellow Earth Dragons still serve an important function for the Queen and the lands under her rule. Armed with this philosophy, as well as irrefutable evidence that the Earth Dragons were responsible for saving Queen Oscura’s kingdom, Eone was able to broker a deal that would provide a better life for her people.


Eone’s name is actually derived from a temporary placeholder that she was given during her first appearance – "E-One." It stands for “Earth One”.


Once again, a deeper character is born from the necessity to have a few extras lying about in order to fill out a scene. In this case, that hack writer Donnie Sturges needed a few Earth Dragons. Originally intended just to be the means to an end, Eone and the Earth Dragons that would eventually become her team were initially conceived with the sole purpose of being the bearer of a cryptic message – one that would establish the first obvious clue to the disaster occurring throughout the second story arc. Because of that, the original script page that was sent to artist Danny Valentini did not include names for any of the Earth Dragons depicted on the page.

As Danny started getting the page together, however, he realized he needed placeholders for each Earth Dragon in the scene so that he could keep them straight when blocking them between panels. So, Eone was given the designator of “E-One (E-1)”, and so on…

Several pages later, when Donnie realized he would be utilizing that group of earth dragons again, he swore at his own lack of foresight and began the arduous process of name creation. Fortunately for him, Danny had already chosen a name for the de facto leader.

And she would be called "Eone."

And just to clarify, the name is pronounced "ee-OH-nay."

Lord Rozen's Comments:

She became the lead of the earth dragons only once the other two leaders, Gaia and Gold, had disappeared. The former of the two may have told her of her plan and success before she was...deposed, since Eone uses the information of another heir as blackmail to get the earth dragons out of their second class citizen status. Their actual relationship is unknown outside of work.

One of the only earth dragons that isn't a pacifist, she would end up being drafted into temporary duty to abduct Kilani.