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RACE: Lightning Dragon

AGE (in human years): 31

FIRST APPEARANCE: Draconia 2001 Calendar




Elektra works for the good of her kind and her young daughter, Arc. Currently living on the outskirts of the Dragon's society as exiles, success in her team's current mission would allow them to return to the imperial city.


Elektra's first appearance was way back in 2000 as part of the Draconia 2001 Calendar. That calendar's theme was to have the traditional elements represented by our dragons, and Elektra was created to represent lightning.

Elektra marked a small turning point in the development of what would become The Draconia Chronicles, as her appearance in the 2001 calendar depicted her as a bit of a badass with an attitude. In an era when the dragons were all sporting sexy smiles and happy faces, the look on Elektra's face was one that was rebellious and warned of danger. It was an unintentional character trait, but one that Danny felt suited her quite well. She quickly became one of his favorite characters.

Some folks have asked about the tattoos on Elektra's face, particularly the "eye hooks," and whether they're meant to be an homage to Britanny "Cheetah" Diggers from Fred Perry's venerable Gold Digger. This is not the case. Elektra's look was originally inspired by Riff-Raff, a recurring character in Kenichi Sonoda's Gunsmith Cats. Over time, though, Danny just kept drawing the eye hooks larger and larger to the point where today she more closely resembles "Cheetah" than Riff-Raff.

Behind the scenes, some Draconia Chronicles characters have their own designated theme songs. Naturally, Elektra's theme is "Thunderstruck" by AC/DC.

Another theme assigned is "Storms Coming" by Gnarls Barkley

Lord Rozen's Comments:

Not much to say. Personally one of my bottom three characters. She cares for Arc and her own clan, but otherwise cares for no one. To the point of literally sacrificing them.