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An Isthmus between two landmasses where the tiger clans are in the forest to the north, whereas the dragon kingdom lies in the southern hills. In between these two is the war zone known as the Borderlands. To the east and west of the war zone are two mountain ranges: The Tary'n and another nameless one.

The Tigerlands are primitive yet refined. Mostly forest with scattered villages. There are two separate villages that are known: Kiriad's and Mabel's. There is also a sanctuary near Kiriad's village known as the Na'tan'il. This sanctuary is where the males are and where mating occurs.

The Dragonlands resembles ancient Rome in a way. All the buildings are stone (possibly made by the earth dragons, since there are no visible quarries in the mountains). The most notable feature is the palace with it's four spires, with a walkway between them. Another notable area is the marketplace where the streets are always crowded.

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