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Welcome to my corner of the wiki, the block of information about me, the creator and editor of the wiki for my fandom.

This was originally done as a means to compile information online about the story, but over time, and collaboration, it's become a proper database. Hopefully it helps the community keep track of things.

I go by many names across the internet: Lord Rozen (Various), DivineAbraxas (FA), GuardianOfGaia (XBL/Twitch) but most commonly, Sojourner.

I am a professional student in the real world, just short of double bacheloring in Biology and Psychology, with minors in Chemistry and Religion. So if the wiki seems overly scientific at times, that's why.

My favorite overall is Gaia, if one of my usernames didn't give that away. Despite her being most likely permanently gone, doesn't change much. I have other favorites, but she'll always have top spot. My #0, if you will.

Not much else to say. Enjoy the show (read: Burning Dumpster Fire Express). If there are questions about lore of the story or characters, feel free to look me up on one of my usernames and ask. May even indulge and tell some stories about the "what if" fanfic I'm working on, in which the war ended shortly before the events of the comic, and the races integrated in an uneasy peace.

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