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Wacky Warm-Ups Creativity Services (2wc) is a company dedicated to entertaining and informing our audiences through various media. While primarily relying on the print media, the ²wc also delves into Internet and broadcast media from time to time. The ²wc provides creative endeavors on a free-lance or contract basis, be they artwork, graphic design, web site design, stories, scripts--and just about anything else if we can squeeze it in!

Danny Valentini began using the name "Wacky Warm-Ups" in January 1989 as a trade name for his creative endeavors. Originally "Wacky Warm-Ups Productions," the name was amended in 1994 to the present name. Wacky Warm-Ups Creativity Services was officially chartered as a licensed business in July 1999 in the city of Virginia Beach, Virginia.

While the company keeps Wacky Warm-Ups as its official name, over the last several years, the company's nickname, "the ²wc," has become increasingly pervasive, and now serves as the company's logo and primary identifier.

As of January 2011, 2wconline has joined the conglomeration of other "furry" genre webcomics on Katbox under the url But, as of 2020, Katbox has disbanded, and it's artists gone to different websites of their own. Draconia chose to be solo when the others teamed up, and now can be found at it's own website.

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