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2wcOnline was founded in 1989 as Wacky Warm-ups Creativity Services, a small artistic business created by Danny Valentini and later Jamie Godley (Sturges) as a trade name for all of their creative endeavors.

In 1994, 2wcOnline became principally focused on production of comics and comic-related artwork. Founder Danny Valentini first set about this task as a writer, later taking up art duties after he found difficulty in securing the services of various artists, and turning over writing duties to others.

While numerous title attempts have come and gone, Danny and company have found sustained success with The Draconia Chronicles, launched first as a series of pin-up calendars in 1999. Buoyed by Draconia's success, they hope to have similar success with their other current offerings.

Under the writings of member Donnie Sturges, 2wcOnline has converted the Draconia calendar series into the very popular web comic series called The Draconia Chronicles in 2005, as well as published other popular web comics under its banner.

In the future, 2wcOnline hopes to expand its offerings beyond just comics, expanding into a broader multimedia experience. What exactly all that will be is a secret at this time, but wait and see. We think you'll like it.

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