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Height: 5' 10" (177.8 cm)

Weight: 174 lbs (79.1 kg)

Hair Colour: Red

Eye Colour: Green

Skin Colour: Blue

Magick Base Type: Water

Dragon Age: 144 Years

Human Age Equivalent: 36 Years

First Comic Appearance: 029

First Calendar Appearance: 2000



A mother of two, Blue often finds herself relegated to working behind the scenes quite frequently in comparison to her fellow Water Dragons. A lot of this is due to her devotion to her twelve-year-old daughter Mizu, as well as to her thirteen-year-old, adoptive daughter – a Fire Dragon named Fiera.

But being a devoted mother isn’t easy. Fiera was bestowed upon her when her mother was killed in battle. And raising a Fire Dragon alongside her own daughter tends to become quite troublesome at times, especially when both girls are just becoming teenagers. Blue often finds her attention almost exclusively focused on her two charges, especially when they fight.

This doesn’t keep her from being an active member amongst her fellow Water Dragons, however. Blue takes great pride in her small, but important role – as one of the main providers of fish for the city. It’s a vocation she absolutely adores, as it’s a relaxing job that allows her to spend quality time with her two children.

That’s not to say that she can’t be useful. She frequently offers her services as a volunteer firefighter when the situation merits. Recently, she found those services in dire need when Mt. Aet’na erupted, spewing fireballs and lava everywhere. With the Queen’s city in peril from the possibility of burning to the ground, Blue stepped up to the plate and led a fire suppression team to extinguish any fires that had erupted from the volcanic attack. She even managed to gain an audience with the Queen herself during this time.

Blue often tends to over-explain things to the point of babbling, especially when she gets nervous. Despite this small handicap, she still manages to keep a clear head.


Blue debuted in the 2000 Draconia Chronicles calendar. Though she found herself front and center during that release, she has since been seen mostly in background shots… until now.


Along with Red, Blue is one of the few remaining Dragons from the "Class of 2000," whose rainbow theme also gave us Midori, L'Orange, Indigo, Gold, and Violet. She and Red were the only two Dragons called back for the 2001 Draconia Chronicles Calendar, and has continued to have a small, devoted fan following ever since--therefore making her small appearances all that much more of a treat.

Lord Rozen's Comments:

One of the few of the original creations from 2000. Red has taken a dominant role, and Blue is left to the background. Gold and L'Orange are missing or perished.

She formed a friendship or further with Fiera's mom, Ziza, to the point that on her death, Blue was entrusted custody of her daughter in her will. Now, she raises the girl alongside her own daughter, treating her no different. A truly good mother.