RACE: Light Dragon

AGE (in human years): ?

FIRST APPEARANCE: The Draconia Chronicles Calendar Series

FIRST CALENDAR APPEARANCE: Category:Pre-Comic Story Part 8


FINAL LIVING APPEARANCE: Category:Pre-Comic Story Part 8



(none given)


(none given)

Lord Rozen's Comments:

Chiara's Mother that was killed by the combined efforts of Kess, Shie, and Riah. Once they had chased after Red and Gold, she was left alone with Kilani. In her dying breaths, she saw the good in her enemy and gave the egg that would later become Lumina to her for safekeeping and later raising of the girl.

She may have seen the darkness in Oscura to the point she believed that her enemy was safer for the princess. Which makes me hope that Kilani tells her story at her trial.

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