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Height: 6' 0" (183 cm)

Weight: 221 lbs (100.5 kg)

Hair Colour: Blond

Eye Colour: Left eye green, right eye brown

Fur Colour: Medium Orange

Tiger Age: 21 Years

Human Age Equivalent: 21 Years

First Comic Appearance: 101

First Calendar Appearance: 2010



Aika is a free spirit… almost to a fault. Always in the mood for fun, Aika has a hard time balancing that with her responsibilities. It often gets her into trouble, as she frequently finds herself late and usually out of sorts – if by “out of sorts,” you mean “out of her clothing.”

A lot of her free time is spent in the Nat’Han’Il Tiger Sanctuary, the lush paradise where all of the male tigers dwell for the purpose of procreation and recreation. Though no single male is bound to any single female, Aika has found herself enjoying the sole company of one male in particular – Roh. Finding that their feelings for each other seem to be on the same level, Aika often finds her time spent with Roh to be the reason why she’s so often late for her appointments.

Still… Aika does know how to be responsible, and has proven herself time and again as an effective leader when given a small task force to command. Her skills are at least impressive enough to keep her on call with Princess Kiriad.

Recently, Aika was instructed to take a small team down to the southern borders of the tiger territories to find out why the sky was suddenly filling up with smoke and ash. While en route, she and her team ran into a pair of survivors whose people had just recently been wiped out by a giant fireball – Mabel and Raz. Realizing that any further progress south may lead to their demise, Aika decided to take her team – as well as her new tag-alongs – back to the Princess to report their findings. Unfortunately, Aika got more than she bargained for as she learned just how much Mabel’s philosophies and leadership abilities differ from her own.


Aika wasn’t originally meant to be depicted as always being in varying stages of undress. After her first appearance included a gag where she was considerably late to a meeting with Princess Kiriad and had to rush while trying to get dressed, it was decided to make that a running gag – pun definitely intended. This was eventually included as part of her character.


A simple enough beginning – Donnie Sturges needed a female tiger to volunteer for the horrible task of getting frisky with one of the male tigers – a first ever appearance for the masculine half of the tiger race. Fortunately, a willing participant stepped forward… and her name was Aika.

Aika's appearance, particularly her hairstyle, was patterend after that worn by an acquaintance of artist Danny Valentini.

Lord Rozen's comments:

She is seemingly a flirt and not all there, but has proven to pull her squad together and act tactfully in pressing cituations.

Her name is from the Japanese 'Aiko', meaning "little love" or "beloved child"